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My name is Modupe. I'm a freelance web designer and currently studying UX/UI Design. I create websites that simple, creative, and functional that best represents my clients.

I have always enjoyed engaging in creative and building activities which includes sewing, video editing and website designing as a hobby.  After designing several different websites for fun, I officially landed my first project to design a website for Lamp Lit Books' book launch, and after designed a couple of websites.​

I have been working in the childcare and education field for the past six years which brought me great joy to teach children and a blessing to see the tremendous growth in them. While teaching, I started learning how to code, and later found out about UX Design which sparked my interest. To gain more knowledge on UX Design, I enrolled in a Google UX Design Course and so far, I'm loving it! The course has been able to shed light on the fact that UX Design, in some way, is  similar to web design, as both fields involves designing not just for the company, but also with the company's clients and customers in mind, which gave me a new perspective on web design. 

I'm really excited about this new journey I am embarking on, and looking forward to exploring and progressing in UX Design!

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